Ep. 022: Deena + Friends Unplugged

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What do you get when you put 2 techies, 2 marketers, a doctor, and a loan coordinator in a room? You won’t get much, but you’ll damn sure get this podcast episode. On this episode me, my aunt, and my friends discuss why conferences need to PAY speakers, we attempt to define tech, and we talk about why kitten heels might not be the move (for some). Mixing tech with shade and references to housewives I deliver to you episode 022 of Black Tech Unplugged.

This episode is brought to you by Adnocratsan advertising advisory + media agency focused on connecting brands with audiences across television, radio, digital billboards, and online.

Also Black Tech Unplugged is an official media sponsor for the Black Women Talk Tech Conference taking place in New York City on February 28th-March 1st. For being apart of the Black Tech Unplugged fam I want to share my special promo code, BTU2019. I’d love to see you at the conference with me!

On this episode my friends and I discuss:

  • Why tech conferences need to get it together and PAY speakers
  • Define tech and it’s many layers
  • The art of mentorship
  • The interviewing process and it’s many biases

And much more!

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Black Women Talk Tech Conference

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