Ep. 023: Sevetri Wilson Unplugged

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Sevetri Wilson took over the tech scene in 2018, but did you know she’s been working hard on her businesses for over 10 years?!

On episode 023 of Black Tech Unplugged I speak to Sevetri Wilson about her transfer into tech, how being a first generation college student taught her how to hustle early, and why trying to find funding while being a non-technical founder is for the birds.

On this episode Sevetri and I discuss:

  • What it’s like to be a first generation college student
  • Her tech spinoff, Exempt Me Now
  • Why raising funding is almost impossible
  • How she’s going to take over the world in the near future

And much more!


Also Black Tech Unplugged is an official media sponsor for the Black Women Talk Tech Conference taking place in New York City on February 28th-March 1st. For supporting Black Tech Unplugged I want to share my special promo code, BTU2019. I’d love to see you at the conference with me!

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