Ep. 021: Du’An Lightfoot Unplugged

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Ep. 021 features Du’An Lightfoot, founder of Lab Everyday and network engineer. However, Du’An wasn’t always a network engineer. He started his career working at the help desk and eventually advanced into networking through hardwork and perseverance.  Never one to take his journey for granted that’s why Du’An started Lab Everyday. He wants to help people who are interested in becoming a network engineer as well as help anyone who’s in tech advance their career path.

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On this episode Du’An & I discuss:

  • Why participating in a tech boot camp can enhance your career
  • Advice for people trying to get into networking
  • How your environment can affect your career choices
  • His event in DC next Friday

And much more!

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Links to topics mentioned on this episode:

Du’An’s DC Event (The meet-up in DMV is invitation only. Contact him on Twitter or LinkedIn, details below)

Connect with Du’An:




Connect with Black Tech Unplugged:

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