Are You Coming to the Black Tech Family Reunion?

If you listened to the latest podcast episode featuring Fred Mwangaguhunga you would’ve heard the podcast was sponsored by Black Tech Week.

Well not only is Black Tech Week a podcast episode sponsor, our very own Black Tech Unplugged host, Deena McKay, will be in the building as a speaker… TWICE! Black Tech Unplugged is doing a live episode of the podcast on Wednesday February 7th at the VIP Dinner.

You can also catch Deena speaking at the Social Media Influencers & Startup Founder Invitation-Only Luncheon, Friday February 9th.

I know you want to meet up with the Black Tech Unplugged crew and other Black techies from around the country. And because you’re part of the Black Tech Unplugged Fam I’m hooking you up with discount code. Use ‘blacktech20′ to get a discount on your ticket purchase. You can thank me in person, but for now go grab your ticket! 

So who’s meeting up with Black Tech Unplugged in Miami for the Black Tech family reunion of the year?

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