Black Tech Unplugged is Celebrating 2 Years!

For those of you who don't know, Black Tech Unplugged is turning 2 years old! That's right I've been doing the podcast for 2 years. I've featured some of your favorite techies such as Dawn Dickson, Sherrell Dorsey, the founders of Black Tech Mecca, and many more. And don't think for a moment we are... Continue Reading →

Ep. 009: Ebony Lee Unplugged

Listen to the latest episode of Black Tech Unplugged: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher | Soundcloud This episode of Black Tech Unplugged is the first live episode *does happy dance*! Shout out to Black Tech Week for giving us the opportunity to do a live event. On this episode of Black Tech... Continue Reading →

Are You Coming to the Black Tech Family Reunion?

If you listened to the latest podcast episode featuring Fred Mwangaguhunga you would've heard the podcast was sponsored by Black Tech Week. Well not only is Black Tech Week a podcast episode sponsor, our very own Black Tech Unplugged host, Deena McKay, will be in the building as a speaker... TWICE! Black Tech Unplugged is doing... Continue Reading →

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