Ep. 052: Black Tech Unplugged with Du’An & Deena

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In this episode we cover:

  • Elizabeth Holmes on trial for Theranos
  • iPod turns 20!
  • Snapchat’s sudden stock loss
  • The endless woes of Facebook
  • Question of the episode: How do you handle a disruptive coworker?

A little more about Du’An?

Du’An Lightfoot is an Air Force Veteran, IT professional, and founder of the #LabEveryday movement. As a YouTube content creator Du’An is a powerful advocate for career advancement. His inspiring, nuts-and-bolts advice gets you right on track for making your career shine. His goal is to share the knowledge and experience he has obtained throughout his career and he strives to help those that are often left behind.

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Mentioned On This Episode:

Ep.021: Du’An Lightfoot Unplugged

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