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Black Tech Unplugged is back with a new episode and a new format!

On this episode Deena and guest co-host, Africa Miranda, actually bring Black Tech Unplugged to life. That means, they talk about the latest tech news and bring their perspective to the episode.

A little bit about my guest co-host Africa Miranda….

In the span of her 15-year career, Africa Miranda has been an actress, a model, a host, an author, a beautypreneur and a digital personality. Most importantly, she’s been a student of life. As the face and spokesperson for brands like Refinery 29, Macy’s, TJ Maxx and Kia Motors Africa had the opportunity to travel and see the world. Traveling taught her who she is and fueled the creative passions that allowed her to connect with and empower women everywhere.

Boston-born and Alabama-raised, Africa grew up wondering what the world outside her backyard looked like. As a graduate of Alabama State University, she learned to bring the world to her using education and creative expression. This wonderment flourished into a deeply-rooted desire to travel the world. From Seoul to the South of France, Africa’s life didn’t truly begin until she left the comfort of the things she knew. Travel taught her the magic of losing yourself right before you find yourself.

With such a successful and active career, over the years Africa received a swell of questions about navigating life as a public figure and personal brand. Her inbox full of career questions lead to the release of her 2018 book, Step Up, Step Out and Shine. Through its pages, Africa teaches readers how to leverage social media to create their own global brands.

In this episode we cover:

  • The divorce heard around the world. That’s right our faves Melinda and Bill Gates divorcing

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Mentioned On This Episode:

Atlanta being the breeding ground for tech startups

The United Shades of America episode, Black to the Future

Changes going on with AfroTech

Melinda and Bill Gates divorce announcement

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