Ep. 045: BTU at SXSW #BTUatSXSW

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Meet the guests of episode 045:

Lisa Godwin

Lisa G. is an award-winning technologist with over 15 years of experience in the technology industry where she has successfully transformed multiple digital business models for scalability and monetization. She has worked in a leadership capacity with brand powerhouses such as MTV Networks, the NCAA, Major League Baseball (MLB), NBC Universal, and the New York Times.

Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of the tech ecosystem coupled with her bold and influential nature allows her to seamlessly and strategically help companies construct roadmaps and immersive technologies that benefit their growth.

Lisa’s senior-level experience in media, marketing, technology, and entertainment led her to found You Are Tech, a business built on a fierce fusion of culture, education, and technology. You Are Tech is designed to help individuals and companies expand their digital capabilities and ultimately thrive in the market.

Lisa Magill:

Lisa Magill passionately tackles real-world problems with innovative and impactful solutions. After several years in the financial services industry, Lisa gained extensive entrepreneurial experience holding key positions on the founding teams of funded and acquired technology startups. Over the years she has been recognized for her commitment to community and the impact of her efforts focused on mentorship, education and creating opportunities for women and marginalized communities. Currently she leverages her passions and expertise to help take the guesswork out of diversity & inclusion as Co-Founder and CEO of Aleria.

On this episode we discuss:

  • What does diversity mean?
  • The truth behind tech companies use of the words ‘diversity and inclusion’
  • Steps to enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace

and much more!

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