Ep. 042: Jay Hammonds Unplugged

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Meet guest of episode 042, Jay Hammonds:

Jay Hammonds, an award-winning technologist, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, currently works on the Executive Support Engineering Team at Facebook, his team is responsible for IT Support & Project Management for Facebook Executives. His primary objective is to ensure the executives are efficient and effective from a technical standpoint while providing creative technical solutions. Prior, he led IT for the Instagram team for 4 years, in total he has been at Facebook for almost 9 years.

In 2012, Jay helped create the Year Up @ Facebook program which has helped bring in nearly 400 diverse interns. In the community, Jay serves as an advisor, board member and mentor and consultant for a multitude of Bay Area and national community organizations. His focus is on bridging the gap between tech and underrepresented youth while helping building tech curriculums for inner-city students landed him on 60 Minutes and the 2018 Class for Forbes 30 Under 30 in the field of Enterprise: Technology.

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Year Up

Jay Hammonds’s 60 Minute Segment

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