Ep. 037: Caren Young Unplugged

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Episode 037 features Caren Young, who for the past 14 years helped Fortune 1000 companies build, market, and sustain products that are user-centric and based in research. She has helped organizations craft compelling stories, execute, iterate, and get results. Blending a background in the social sciences, advertising, product management and diversity/inclusion management, I am able to pull disparate items together, build a cohesive solution and inspire teams to get the job done.

Now she has her own business, the Professional Adult. During her time working for large companies she realized they aren’t the only ones that can benefit from focused, targeted planning with a heavy eye towards inclusion – artists, creatives and small businesses can also use these tools and techniques and get fantastic results! Her goal as a consultant is to help organizations, teams, and creatives shape their most important product – themselves and what each person brings to their work.

On this episode Caren & I discuss:
  • Her role as a Product Manager and the skills needed for that role
  • Caren’s pivot from Product Manager to Diversity and Inclusion agent
  • The Professional Adult, Caren’s new business

And much more!

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The Professional Adult

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