#BlackTechUnplugged Presents…

Back a few years ago Black Tech Unplugged started a YouTube channel (surprise! Link to YouTube is here.) Anyway, I’m happy to report that after some thinking I’m reviving the channel. On the YouTube channel you will find live interviews, webinars, and most importantly highlight videos of people in the Black Tech Unplugged community talking about themselves and topics that affect us.

With that being said, the first person to share there story is…


SABRINA SHORT, Founder and CEO of NOLAVATE Black, New Orleans’ Black Tech collective, and the Creator of Black Tech Nola.

Learn more about Sabrina in her video below and make sure to grab a ticket to the FREE Black Tech Nola conference happening next week on June 29 through July 1.


Know someone that should share their story or their latest work and achievements? Reach out to us via email or the contact form to begin the process.

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