Ep. 031: Greg Greenlee Unplugged

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Episode 031 features Blacks in Technology Founder & Dev Ops Engineer, Greg Greenlee.

Greg Greenlee is a Dev Ops Engineer that has spent over 17 years in the Information Technology field. His experience includes DevOps engineering, networking, IT security, systems administration, virtualization/cloud computing, and storage administration. He has a degree in Computer Network Engineering from Cincinnati State College. 

Greg also is the Founder of the organization, Blacks In Technology (BIT)Greg founded BIT in 2009 after attending a Linux technology conference. Although this was a free tech conference, he noticed a lack of Black women and men in attendance and no Black speakers. This moment is what motivated Greg to found BIT. Greg has dedicated the last 10 years to impacting the Black community and changing the world by building an organization focused on increasing the representation and participation of Black women and men in tech.

On this episode the Greg & I discuss:

  • The evolution of his organization, Blacks in Technology (BIT)
  • What a Dev Ops Engineer is and how he got into that role
  • How he plans to increase the number of Black men and women in tech

And much more!

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