Ep. 026: Solome Tibebu Unplugged

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On episode 026 of Black Tech Unplugged I speak with Solome Tibebu, an investor (Launchpad Digital Health) and tech entrepreneur (Cognific) who is passionate about frontier technologies transforming digital health, equity and access, behavioral health and more.

On this episode Solome and I discuss:

  • What exactly is digital health
  • Why there’s still mental health stigma in the black community
  • What you can do if a friend or family member has a mental illness
  • Tech startups that are addressing mental health

And much more!

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Links to topics mentioned on this episode:


Henry Health

Launchpad Digital Health

Surviving Anxiety: Solome Tibebu (TedxTC talk)

Improve Clinical Outcomes and Efficiency Through Clinician-Patient Teamwork (A talk performed by Solome)

Connect with Solome Tibebu:




ReThink Behavioral Health Innovation Newsletter

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