Ep. 025: Devin Jackson Unplugged

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On episode 025 of Black Tech Unplugged I speak with Devin Jackson, a 26 years old Brooklyn Native, who is currently the CTO of Majorwise, a career discovery platform for organizations and high school students to manage their internships and the CEO of We Build Black, a community of 2,500+ technologist (UX Designers, Developers, Data Scientists etc.) who develop events and programming around tech education, mentorship, and diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

He has used the We Build Black platform to address issues such as the lack of representation of women in technology through the Mavens I/O Black Women in Tech conference, which is in its 2nd year and will be hosted at Google (link to the event below).

On this episode Devin and I discuss:

  • How a friend’s suggestion led him to where he is today
  • His organizations (We Build Black, Majorwise, and Mavens I/O Black Women in Tech conference)
  • What impostor syndrome is and how to overcome it

And much more!

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Links to topics mentioned on this episode:

What Scrum Master’s Shouldn’t Do

Mavens I/O: Black Women in Tech 2019 (join the waitlist)

Connect with Devin & We Build Black:




Devin’s Instagram

Connect with Black Tech Unplugged:

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