Ep. 014: Dr. Kortney Ziegler & Tiffany Mikell Unplugged

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Episode of 14 of Black Tech Unplugged features Dr. Kortney Ziegler and Tiffany Mikell and has a listener survey for you to complete!

Kortney Ziegler is ZaMLabs’ Director of Research & Design, bringing to this role a passion for social-justice-based work in the tech space. He is the creator of Trans*H4CK (2013) and the first person to receive the PhD of African-American studies from Northwestern University (2011). An award-winning writer, filmmaker and social entrepreneur — Ziegler was named one of the most influential African Americans by TheRoot100.

Tiffany Mikell, Managing Director of ZaMLabs, is a software engineer with over 10 years of professional experiences in business, technology and entrepreneurship. In 2010, she founded a successful consulting firm developing SaaS platforms for non-profits and social enterprises. In 2013, she was on the founding team of Dev Bootcamp — which was acquired in less than 2 years.

ZaMLabs, Inc is an Idea to Seed Tech Incubator for Mad Scientists & Social Engineers.  Our core area of focus is solving problems for the world’s most marginalized communities. Their portfolio to-date includes Trans*H4CK, BlackStarLaunch (Sunset), AerialSpaces & Appolition.

On the episode Kortney, Tiffany, and I discuss:

  • The Black Techie movement
  • How they got into tech
  • The unique way they met each other & decided to be co-founders
  • How having $0 in the bank doesn’t stop you when you have passion

& much more!

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