Ep. 066: Andre Unplugged

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Meet the guest of episode 066, Andre Hitchman:

Andre is a child of the UK. Born and raised in South London, to parents from Guyana and Jamaica. He has from an early age shown interest in technology. Tinkering with computers, or building websites were among the hobbies he got up to whilst at school. From school he went on to university, and graduated with a degree in computer science from Hull University in the UK. Since then, he has spent his professional career at Kin + Carta. As a software engineer, specialising in Android Mobile development working as a consultant building technology products for some of the UK’s and the world’s leading brands such as Tesco, Shell, Encirca, Rail Delivery Group and Santander Bank. He is also co-founder of Xuntos. A community set up after graduating from university out of frustration and lack of support for those from under representative backgrounds who wanted to pursue a career in tech. Xuntos exists to support and encourage those from under representative backgrounds to enter and succeed in the tech industry.

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