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Meet the guest of episode 060, Jennifer Opal:

Jennifer Opal is a multi-award winning DevOps Engineer, Technologist, Technical Blogger, Keynote Speaker & Neurodiversity & Inclusion Advocate based in the UK.
As mentioned above, Jennifer Opal wears many hats including sitting on the Co-Production Board of a charity, ‘Neurodiversity In Business’ as well as being the Founder of The Opal Blog; a platform that has gained recognition for its human stories on her experience of being a black, neurodivergent woman in the technology industry.

She also writes content focusing on technologies within DevOps & neurodiversity in an effort to educate those interested in learning about DevOps as well as those wanting to learn about neurodiversity & inclusion within the tech space as well as outside of it.

She was the winner of the Tech Women 100 Awards 2020 & the Rising Star Award at the Black Tech Achievements Awards 2020.

Along with this, Jennifer has gained multiple nominations & recognitions such as being named as one of the Most Influential Women In Tech by ComputerWeekly.com in 20192020 & 2021 & nominated for the Rising Technologist Award 2020 for Booking.com’s Technologist Playmaker Awards 2020.

She has been featured in Refinery29The GuardianBBC NewsSilicon Republic & more.

Jennifer co-authored a book called ‘The Voices In The Shadow‘; a book that showcases 51 stories of black women in tech, including her own. The book is being distributed in schools across the UK & Ireland as well as being sold globally.

As a Keynote Speaker, Jennifer has worked with BloombergGoogleHackaJobCoding Black Females, Code First: Girls & WeAreTechWomen to name a few.

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