Ep. 057: What is Scrum and How You Can Use It

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Meet guest (and podcast host) of episode 057, Deena McKay:

Deena is the Founder and host of the podcast, Black Tech Unplugged. Black Tech Unplugged is a podcast that highlights Blacks in tech who are innovating and working in the industry. Deena started the podcast as a way for Blacks to see people who looked like in tech. She also wanted to share tips and advice for those trying to get into the industry.

Additionally, Deena works as a Scrum Master at Kin+Carta, a digital transformation firm in Chicago, IL. In her role. In her role as a Scrum Master she acts as a servant leader to her development team. She is innovative, passionate about Agile and enjoys educating and coaching organizations on the Agile Scrum methodology.

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