Ep. 019: Julia Collins Unplugged

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Ep. 019 features Julia Collins, co-CEO and co-founder of Zume Pizza, a technology-enabled food company whose mission is to create a world where nutritious food is affordable, delicious and easy to access for every single person.

Throughout her decade-plus career, Julia’s professional focus has been on building successful businesses in the food industry that provide economic opportunities to the communities in which they operate and that nourish the people that they serve.

Furthermore, she is invested in her communities, serving as a mentor to young Harvard and Stanford alumni, volunteering with One Purpose School and an activator for SHeEO, an organization leading the charge on funding women-led ventures and addressing the vast inequities that exist in the venture capital community. She is a mentor for Black Girls Code, a board member for the Exploratorium and Chairs the Alumni Committee for the Presidio Hill School and Center for Progressive Education.

This episode is brought to you by Adnocratsan advertising advisory + media agency focused on connecting brands with audiences across television, radio, digital billboards, and online.

On this episode Julia & I discuss:

  • How she’s bringing pizza & tech together and innovating the food tech space with her business Zume Pizza
  • Why you need to a network together before you need them
  • Her experiences being a black woman in tech
  • Tips, advice, and helpful knowledge about securing the bag via funding

And much more!

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