Ep. 017: Live From diversiTECH Hiring Fair

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On episode 017 of Black Tech Unplugged I share my experience of the diversiTECH Hiring fair, an event created by the Anita Borg Chicago chapter. I speak to the Chicago Anita B who created the event, which includes La’Shon Anthony, David Olorundare, and Marcia Bertrand.

I also speak to three brilliant Black women who represent the company’s that sponsored the event. Those women are Jovana Florus of Trunk Club, Deidra Jackson of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, and Kim Holmes of Discover Financial. These ladies drop all the secrets of how to be successful in tech!

On this episode the guests & I discuss:

  • How the diversiTECH Hiring Fair is different than the average hiring fair
  • The skills needed to be successful in tech
  • How to break into the industry
  • Why the love being black and in tech

And much more!

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