Ep. 013: Antonio Brasse Unplugged

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Episode of 13 of Black Tech Unplugged features Antonio Brasse. Antonio is the Founder and CEO of BlockQuake LLC, which will be the most regulatory friendly crypto. Antonio has experience in finance, operations, investments and technology audits. He holds a BS in Accounting and a BS in Computer Science. Being the technology auditor that understands the business has been very helpful in his career.

Another important fact is that this is another LIVE episode! This time Black Tech Unplugged broadcast live from Propelify on May 17th.

If you are interested in Black Tech Unplugged doing a live show in your area use the contact form or email me at BlackTechUnplugged@gmail.com.

On the episode Antonio and I discuss:
• What is cryptocurrency and blockchain
• How Antonio got started as an IT auditor
• Why networking is very important
• Lessons from trying to begin a startup
And you’ll hear from a few special guests too!

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