Ep 011: Dawn Dickson Unplugged

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On this episode of Black Tech Unplugged I chat with serial entrepreneur Dawn Dickson. Dawn W. Dickson has over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development. She launched several successful cash flow positive companies since 2002,  she founded Flat Out of Heels, LLC, the company that introduced the innovative Flat Out rollable flat; Founder & CEO of PopCom (formerly Solutions Vending International (SVI)), the shoe vending machine for her Flat Out rollable shoe. PopCom has developed software to make kiosks and vending machines intelligent through data and analytics at the point of purchase. Her solution vending technology is the IoT of direct to customer retail.

Dawn received her B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University. She is a graduate of the inaugural class of the Ray Miller Institute of Change and Leadership; A graduate of the United Way Project Diversity; a member of Miami Young Professionals Network; a member of the Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce; and she currently sits on the board of Miami based non-profit Fashion Inspires More and the Nelson Foundation where she can continue her life’s passion of working with women and minority entrepreneurs to start and scale their small businesses.

In this episode Dawn & I discuss:

  • How Dawn went from the newsroom to the tech industry
  • About Dawn’s first tech company
  • How to adapt when you are ahead of your time
  • How to stay learning no matter what
  • The art of networking and connecting with others

 and much more!

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