Ep. 006: Innovate Inclusion Unplugged

In this episode of Black Tech Unplugged, I’m continuing with this month’s theme of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) reporting. Therefore, I want to introduce my current podcast guest Innovate Inclusion. Innovate Inclusion, comprised of Jessica Yamoah, is a non-profit that advocates for the entrepreneurial success of underrepresented communities. They use an innovative approach to bring awareness and access to programs and services. Innovate Inclusion is based and works between Toronto and Waterloo, affectionately dubbed “The Tech Corridor” in Canada”.

A little background about Jessica…

Jessica Yamoah’s experience working with leading global innovators and emerging startups has been invaluable preparation for Innovate Inclusion. A tech savvy connector, Jessica aims to impart the value of diversity and inclusion across the tech/innovation eco-system. And the ideation of innovation in all streams of entrepreneurship, within underrepresented communities to delete the digital divide.

In the Innovate Inclusion D&I report called “The Ontario Incubator Diversity Report” (available right now) Jessica tackle the issue of diversity, specifically in regards to tech incubators in Ontario. The report covers Toronto, Waterloo, and Ottawa (Ontario’s capital city).

In this episode you’ll hear learn:

  • About the Canadian tech ecosystem
  • What inspired Jessica to create a D&I report
  • Similarities and differences between Canada and America’s tech ecosystem
  • Why the Black community needs to be involved in innovation

and much more!

Helpful Links from the Episode

Introduction of Innovate Inclusion (article that introduced me to them)

Project Diane / Project Diane Report

Elevate Toronto Festival

Connect with Innovate Inclusion



For the D&I report: hello@innovateinc.co

Connect with Black Tech Unplugged:





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