Ep. 002: Sherrell Dorsey Unplugged

Episode 2 features the amazing Sherrell Dorsey, a noted technology journalist and social entrepreneur. She is founder of the daily tech newsletter, ThePLUG, where she leads content strategy, business partnerships, and growth of the only newsletter dedicated to highlighting the significant voices of black founders and business leaders in the news.

 Listen as she takes us through her journey, gives us tips about building a team, how she’s created such a dope network, and all the work she puts into to making the Plug Daily (her tech newsletter) possible.


Connect with Sherrell:

Twitter: twitter.com/sherrell_dorsey

Instagram: Instagram.com/sherrell_dorsey


The Plug:

Website: www.theplugdaily.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/_theplugdaily



Connect with Black Tech Unplugged:

Instagram: Instagram.com/blacktechunplugged

Facebook: facebook.com/BlackTechUnplugged

Twitter: twitter.com/Blktechunplged


Use the hashtag #BlackTechUnplugged to discuss!

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